Cultivating the Lovely: How Periscope Helped MacKenzie Monroe, A Stay At Home Mom, Find Her Niche

The-Inside-Scope-014- MacKenzie-Monroe-cultivating-the-lovely-bold-turquoiseHighlights from the episode:

  • How MacKenzie got started with blogging
  • How homeschooling is part of MacKenzie’s lifestyle
  • The goal of Bold Turquoise
  • MacKenzie’s First Scope
  • How MacKenzie got involved with social media
  • An introduction to niche-ify
  • How MacKenzie developed The Cultivating the Lovely Show
  • How MacKenzie found a more authentic community through her daily show
  • What will MacKenzie’s podcast be all about

[Tweet “In the theater [and on Periscope], you have to build your image to do well.”]

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