An introduction to the Social Media Advantage for Craft Breweries Podcast

Your Craft Brewery’s Social Media Advantage

Welcome, Craft Brewery!

Hello, I’m Ryan Bilello, host of The Social Media Advantage for Craft Breweries. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been around for a couple decades I created this to help you and your craft brewery do two things;

1) create greater customer loyalty

2) build a stronger brand reputation

Format, Duration, Topics

Each week I’ll provide one 15-20 minute episode (called a batch) with critical info, training, and info focused on social media that you and your craft brewery can begin using immediately.

Usually that means I’ll be speaking directly to you on what’s happening in the social media landscape and how it impacts you. That could mean new features or tools that a social platform has just released, or new data on user trends that’s critical to your understanding of how people engage with your brewery.

Once in a while, when it’s beneficial for you, I’ll interview someone with insights and knowledge that exceed my own on a specific area of social media (like how to increase engagement on Instagram).

I may also occasionally release an additional batch in a week that’s much shorter (5-7 min) with information that has just been announced. Whatever information I make available to you is built on one goal; to help you leverage the essentials of social media so you can create greater customer loyalty and build a stronger brand reputation.

A Little Bit About Me

In 2016 I started my own business, Hello Bilello LLC, with the goal of helping small businesses with their digital marketing and social media needs. After some growing pains I’ve narrowed down my focus and currently serve

  • contractors and home service providers (basically any business that goes to a home to complete a service)
  • craft breweries and brewpubs

My father has owned a heating and cooling business my entire life which is how I ventured into serving business owners like him. I live in Milwaukee, WI and in my 10+ years of living hear have developed a love for delicious craft beer.

As several new breweries opened in 2016 and 2017 I wanted to find a way to help them start strong so they would be here for my lifetime as they worked in the shadow of our city’s biggest brewery, Miller Coors.

Taking on a lot of responsibilities (including financial debt), I learned that a marketing budget often didn’t make the cut, especially the social media part. This podcast, was designed to equip craft breweries with the knowledge and insight they need to use social media well.

I do offer a variety of services focused on digital marketing and social media for breweries who are looking for someone to support or partner with them in this area of their business.

Outside of work, I live with my wife and three beautiful children right down the road from Miller Park.

If you’d like to get connected with me and get notified when new batches of the podcast are available you can contact me on Facebook Messenger.

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