The 4 Ingredients In A Successful Facebook Game Plan

The 4 Ingredients In A Successful Facebook Game Plan

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Facebook Posts

100% of them need to be VISUAL! They can be;

  • an uploaded image or photo
  • a video
  • a link w/ properly formatted image
  • an emoji (or multiple)
  • few characters = LARGE text (less than 35 characters)

Follow up, response, and one-to-one conversations

Facebook Messenger – do you have it setup? Who’s overseeing it? Who’s following up? Answering questions? (batch 004 talks more about this)

Facebook Pixel

If you have a website you need to set it up and add it to your website.

Read More: Official Facebook Pixel Implementation

More Check-Ins = More Reviews

Today, Facebook automatically follows up with people who check-in at businesses. In fact, it specifically will ask the person, “what did you think,” approximately 24 hours after the check-in has happened. Your challenge is to figure out how you can barter with your customers. What can you give them in exchange for a check-in? Here are a few options;


Have a question that I didn’t answer? Need more details on how to implement what you learned today? Send me a message on Facebook Messenger to chat.

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