Batch 003 - Getting more content in less time with user generated content

Get Your Customers Involved With User Generated Content

What if I said you had hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos and videos of your craft brewery available to use for social media?

What if you could free up hours each week to do things beside figuring out what you were going to post on social media?

User Generated Content (UGC) is powerful component for every social media game plan but is often overlooked and neglected.

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User Generated Content

UGC’s unique value proposition is the unique combination of creating greater engagement with your community and it requires time and resources to create it. People love seeing their photos and posts shared and are likely to tell their friends about it. You, the craft brewery, don’t have even have to edit or modify it. You can simply share the content or post to your profile.

The big question is HOW do you systemize it? How can you make UGC a habit for your fans and customers so that they’re regularly creating and sharing posts and content about your brewery?

Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee, WI does this exceptionally well on their website and Instagram. They’ve promoted the #mythirdspace hashtag across their website, social channels, even on printed materials with the goal of encouraging people to use that hashtag when taking photos or sharing anything on social media related to their brewery.

So when someone uses this hashtag on Instagram not only does it create a nice spot for Third Space Brewing to easily find UGC for their brewery, they’ve also connected those Instagram posts to their website.

To see exactly how Third Space Brewing is leveraging UGC or if you have a question send me the word “batch003” in Facebook Messenger.

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