3 Ways Local Businesses Can Get More Interaction With Customers on Social Media

Your Facebook company page, Instagram profile, and other social channels need customer interaction if they’re going to succeed long term. Here are 3 ways you can begin getting more interaction with customers on social media.


1) Take Photos

If your business is selling one of a kind items, or products that people will associate with a special anniversary or event, take a photo of them with the item they purchased or why they are shopping in your store.

Customers are much more likely to interact (and share) a photo of themselves then any other photo you might share on social media.

2) Create a hashtag

Before you put the time into creating one for your business, see if your customers have already been using one. Search variations of your business name on Instagram to see what results you get.

If not, come up with an easy to remember (and spell) hashtag and start using them in all of your posts (specifically on Instagram). Encourage your fans and customers to do the same with their photos too.

Here’s how I helped one retailer generate $1,000 with a few Facebook posts and a couple hours of work.

3) Ask Customers to Check In

Facebook has a rarely used “Check In” feature built into the app. Teach customers how to get there and ask them to check in while they’re doing their shopping.

Offering an incentive (small discount or free item) to the customer will increase how often they do it. Make sure you aren’t bribing customers for positive posts and glowing reviews.

Simply offer the incentive in exchange for telling their friends they are shopping at your store.


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Bucci’s Bridal and Third Space Brewing are the two stellar businesses I mentioned in this video.

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    Thank you so much for all the great advice I am so excited to implement it with the growing of my business process be blessed


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