Why Every Young Entrepreneur Needs Periscope in Their Arsenal with Dave Shrein

Are you just starting out as an entrepreneur? Do you sometimes feel lost or confused at where you should start to maximize your efforts? Maybe you love Periscope and want to know how it can be used with your email marketing strategy or maybe you just need some encouragement. Dave Shrein, the guest in episode 5, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch their brand online.

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Highlights from the episode:

  • The history of Dave Shrein
  • How Dave developed his skills in the church
  • How Dave launched his own business
  • Insight into what Shrein Media does
  • How Dave knew when he needed help
  • The instability from using different size bricks
  • How Dave discerns first appearances
  • How Dave gets everything out of his brain
  • Mistakes people make when it comes to social media
  • Dave’s incentive to become a better speaker
  • The big difference of live video streaming
  • How to learn from every single scope you broadcast
  • Taking the conversation off Periscope

Important Links From This Episode

Connect with Dave

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