The Real Reason You Need To Join A Facebook Group

Facebook isn’t in some random, tiny corner of the Internet anymore. It is a huge part of not just the Internet but across most countries and cultures around the globe.

And because of that you need to be in a Facebook Group.

Yes, I’m being dead serious.

But why, Ryan? Why do I need to do another thing on Facebook? 

The Real Reason

Because everyone is doing it. While that’s a poor excuse for most decisions, it’s a completely legitimate one for taking advantage of Facebook Groups.

Why is it a big deal that everyone’s doing it? Because most likely there is a community of people who you could relate very well with. Everything from sports teams, business industries, advocacy around specific causes, and even women in India who like to ride motorcycles.

Chances are there is a Facebook for you whether you’re looking to network with other professionals in your area or you’re looking for other people who offer similar services or products.

It also seems that Facebook has an inkling that this product is extremely valuable for their business. They’ve updated it multiple times and Facebook has even created a standalone Groups app (iOS | Android).

What others are saying

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are a few opinions from some of the people I know (via Facebook Groups I’m a part of) on why they think you need to be in a Facebook Group.

I asked them one simple question, “Why do you like being a part of this group?”

Social Media Masterminds

A place for anyone who is working the world of digital and social media marketing.

Peter says,

It’s the best education on social media I’ve ever received.

Kat loves that she can…

Learn from people who actually practice what they preach.

Nicole thinks…

Great way to network for remote employment opportunities and contract work.

Mandy loves groups because…

Finding the right group is like finding your tribe, it feels like home. I love all of the insight and wisdom in this group and the ability to bounce ideas off other like-minded people who are striving for similar things. Plus, more eyes and ears in the field mean we all learn about what’s new faster.

Brian has

Gained more knowledge, insights and collaboration opportunities for my business within Facebook groups compared to EVERY other social network.

Connecting Bridges

A support group for foster families in Milwaukee

Becka said;

The sanity. Honestly no one in my life (other then my husband) truly knows our family the way our connecting bridges group does. When the rest of the world looks at us sideways, this group is understanding and supportive. I cannot imagine a family that goes it alone.

Katie said;

Some people can’t relate to certain aspects of others lives having other people to relate too is therapeutic.

Ruby loves that she can;

Get advice from people that have been on the same situation, vent with other foster parents that will get it when we are overwhelmed

Melissa loves the group because;

I seriously wouldn’t know what to do without this family. The questions answered in minutes and just the support when you feel your world crumbling around you!


30 Days of Hustle

Started by author, Jon Acuff, for people wanting to achieve goals

Dave loves it because he’s

Connecting with like minding individuals from across the country to help, ask advice, and collaborate with.

Jeff is in the group…

Because if you lurk here you will get motivated. No negativity. Just Hustlers helping Hustlers.

Carrie loves,

The connectedness and community of people traveling the same direction as you. It keeps me moving towards my goals and lets me know I’m not so weird since many of you are doing the same!

Succeed with Social

If you’re ready to explore a Facebook Group or you’re ready to join one that’s offering a great community environment plus support from it’s creator when you need it, then I’d like to invite you to join my Succeed with Social community.

It’s a place where professionals and business owners gather to get the help and support they need to be effective with social media.

Make a Great First Impression

In addition to the invitation to join my free community I also have a cheat sheet for you on ways to be a great member of a Facebook Group.

It includes some helpful ways you can add value to the groups you’re in (or going to join). I’ll also provide some critical dos and don’ts that will have you standing out from the rest of the community and position you as a leader in the group.

Ready to crush it in your Facebook Group?

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