Batch 004-Facebook Messenger Bots Build Customer Loyalty

Create Greater Customer Loyalty With Facebook Messenger Bots

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Facebook Messenger Bots

What are they?

Very simply, Facebook Messenger bots are tools that can help businesses better serve customers who have specific needs or questions on Facebook.

While Facebook offers some features to help you reply automatically to people who contact your business via Facebook Messenger it’s limited in just how much it can do.

Thankfully, Facebook has made Messenger an open source platform. More specifically, people can now create tools and software that work on top of Messenger. This very similar to how third party apps (like the Facebook app) work on top of your smartphones Android or iOS software.

How can you use them?

Facebook Messenger bots, in their simplest form can be used in similar way that people use an email service like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

You can communicate one-to-one with people, providing information or answers to commonly asked questions. In addition to that, you can also send out “broadcasts” to people who have subscribed to your bot in the same way you can send an email to everyone who’s subscribed to receive your email updates.

Why would you use them?

People are inundated with emails today. It’s a tool that was really popular in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Email was a communication tool when the desktop computer was the primary way to use the Internet.

Today, the smartphone is the primary way people do this. Messages, both text and inside a messenger app, are the primary way they communicate with people.

Messenger offers you the opportunity to communicate quickly and effectively with people in a way they’re communicating all the time.

Less and less people are using email as a way to send and receive information, especially information outside of the business world.

If your customers and fans are using Facebook (and you know they are) most likely they’re using Messenger in some form. A messenger bot meets these people where they’re at and offers a much higher probability that they’ll receive, read, and act on the information you send them.

Test it out: You can have a Domino’s pizza delivered all inside of Facebook Messenger. 

What’s Facebook’s Plan With Messenger?

Facebook is making Messenger the primary feature for people to use when they want to interact with a business on Facebook. They’re doing this in three big ways;

  • On a desktop computer, the Facebook Messenger chat box opens up whenever someone visits your Facebook page.
  • On the Facebook app there is a dedicated Messenger button (in the lower right corner) whenever someone visits your Facebook page.
  • Response Time is now listed on your Facebook page to inform visitors how quickly you’re likely to respond to them.

How Can I Get Started?

To get started, I encourage you to test out a Messenger bot. Have you ordered your Domino’s pizza ye t?

More specifcally, take a look at the one I created, called Fun Brewery. It’s designed to help people find the best craft breweries in the Milwaukee area. You can tap the link here or visit

You also can see how my business uses Facebook Messenger by visiting Hello Bilello. You can visit it immediately here;

Once you’ve tested these out, you can see how it works for your own brewery by visiting This is by far is the easiest tool to use if you want to start using Messenger to communicate with your customers and fans.

It offers a free version with a load of great features and has even more options available on their paid plans (starting at $10/month for up to 500 subscribers).

Has this been helpful?

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Batch 003 - Getting more content in less time with user generated content

Get Your Customers Involved With User Generated Content

What if I said you had hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos and videos of your craft brewery available to use for social media?

What if you could free up hours each week to do things beside figuring out what you were going to post on social media?

User Generated Content (UGC) is powerful component for every social media game plan but is often overlooked and neglected.

This podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

User Generated Content

UGC’s unique value proposition is the unique combination of creating greater engagement with your community and it requires time and resources to create it. People love seeing their photos and posts shared and are likely to tell their friends about it. You, the craft brewery, don’t have even have to edit or modify it. You can simply share the content or post to your profile.

The big question is HOW do you systemize it? How can you make UGC a habit for your fans and customers so that they’re regularly creating and sharing posts and content about your brewery?

Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee, WI does this exceptionally well on their website and Instagram. They’ve promoted the #mythirdspace hashtag across their website, social channels, even on printed materials with the goal of encouraging people to use that hashtag when taking photos or sharing anything on social media related to their brewery.

So when someone uses this hashtag on Instagram not only does it create a nice spot for Third Space Brewing to easily find UGC for their brewery, they’ve also connected those Instagram posts to their website.

To see exactly how Third Space Brewing is leveraging UGC or if you have a question send me the word “batch003” in Facebook Messenger.

Just search for “Hello Bilello” or you can tap the link to go directly to Facebook Messenger (

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The 4 Ingredients In A Successful Facebook Game Plan

The 4 Ingredients In A Successful Facebook Game Plan

This podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Facebook Posts

100% of them need to be VISUAL! They can be;

  • an uploaded image or photo
  • a video
  • a link w/ properly formatted image
  • an emoji (or multiple)
  • few characters = LARGE text (less than 35 characters)

Follow up, response, and one-to-one conversations

Facebook Messenger – do you have it setup? Who’s overseeing it? Who’s following up? Answering questions? (batch 004 talks more about this)

Facebook Pixel

If you have a website you need to set it up and add it to your website.

Read More: Official Facebook Pixel Implementation

More Check-Ins = More Reviews

Today, Facebook automatically follows up with people who check-in at businesses. In fact, it specifically will ask the person, “what did you think,” approximately 24 hours after the check-in has happened. Your challenge is to figure out how you can barter with your customers. What can you give them in exchange for a check-in? Here are a few options;


Have a question that I didn’t answer? Need more details on how to implement what you learned today? Send me a message on Facebook Messenger to chat.

Search for “HelloBilello” or you can tap here;

An introduction to the Social Media Advantage for Craft Breweries Podcast

Your Craft Brewery’s Social Media Advantage

Welcome, Craft Brewery!

Hello, I’m Ryan Bilello, host of The Social Media Advantage for Craft Breweries. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been around for a couple decades I created this to help you and your craft brewery do two things;

1) create greater customer loyalty

2) build a stronger brand reputation

Format, Duration, Topics

Each week I’ll provide one 15-20 minute episode (called a batch) with critical info, training, and info focused on social media that you and your craft brewery can begin using immediately.

Usually that means I’ll be speaking directly to you on what’s happening in the social media landscape and how it impacts you. That could mean new features or tools that a social platform has just released, or new data on user trends that’s critical to your understanding of how people engage with your brewery.

Once in a while, when it’s beneficial for you, I’ll interview someone with insights and knowledge that exceed my own on a specific area of social media (like how to increase engagement on Instagram).

I may also occasionally release an additional batch in a week that’s much shorter (5-7 min) with information that has just been announced. Whatever information I make available to you is built on one goal; to help you leverage the essentials of social media so you can create greater customer loyalty and build a stronger brand reputation.

A Little Bit About Me

In 2016 I started my own business, Hello Bilello LLC, with the goal of helping small businesses with their digital marketing and social media needs. After some growing pains I’ve narrowed down my focus and currently serve

  • contractors and home service providers (basically any business that goes to a home to complete a service)
  • craft breweries and brewpubs

My father has owned a heating and cooling business my entire life which is how I ventured into serving business owners like him. I live in Milwaukee, WI and in my 10+ years of living hear have developed a love for delicious craft beer.

As several new breweries opened in 2016 and 2017 I wanted to find a way to help them start strong so they would be here for my lifetime as they worked in the shadow of our city’s biggest brewery, Miller Coors.

Taking on a lot of responsibilities (including financial debt), I learned that a marketing budget often didn’t make the cut, especially the social media part. This podcast, was designed to equip craft breweries with the knowledge and insight they need to use social media well.

I do offer a variety of services focused on digital marketing and social media for breweries who are looking for someone to support or partner with them in this area of their business.

Outside of work, I live with my wife and three beautiful children right down the road from Miller Park.

If you’d like to get connected with me and get notified when new batches of the podcast are available you can contact me on Facebook Messenger.

No More Excuses: Ryan Details His Step-by-Step Guide To Starting Strong On Periscope, Establishing Your Expertise, & Building Your Community

Have you ever felt really motivated to start something but when you thought about everything that you’d need to do to be successful you got overwhelmed and quit before you start?

I’ve felt that way on several occasions. Usually I’m most successful when I can find someone who’s done it already and can help me layout a game plan that’s worked for them.

This gives me something to at least start with and then I can tweak the process as I go.

Several people have asked how they can get started on Periscope and skip over some of the trial and error process many of us went through when the platform first launched.

The DIY Guide to Periscope is a step-by-step resource I created to help you get started out on Periscope. While it’s free via email (see link below), people were asking follow up questions after they went through it.

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The end product might not be what you expect.

Her exploration into meditation helped her so much that she just had to share it with people, and she did it on Periscope.

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How Jason Stewart Used His Video Editing Skills & New Friendships on Periscope to Create The Editor TV

Do you have someone who just gets you? 

A person who understands your personality, accepts your flaws, and sees and believes in the same things your passionate about?

In this week’s episode, Jason Stewart (@EditorManCaves) shares how he connected with a couple of other guys who were using Periscope in unique and creative ways.

He loved what they were doing so much that he reached out to them to begin collaborating on projects together.

The result from their relationships and work together…

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Do You Believe in Magic? Why Jon Jacques Quit His Job To Pursue Periscope Full Time and How It’s Helping Him Transform People’s Lives

At some point, whether in person or on TV, you’ve had the opportunity to see a magician do something truly mystifying. They perform a magic trick so amazing it leaves you sitting in your chair mulling over the infinite different ways they pulled off the feat.

But what would magic look like on Periscope? Live, uncut, and often with complete strangers could a magician capture their audience the same way they do on stage?

While Jon Jacques has been a magician for almost his entire life, there’s nothing supernatural about his success on Periscope. He took what he was already doing well and tweaked it to excel on Periscope.

But could it go so well that he’d feel okay quitting his day job to pursue magic on Periscope full time?

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Would you be excited or terrified?

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