No More Excuses: Ryan Details His Step-by-Step Guide To Starting Strong On Periscope, Establishing Your Expertise, & Building Your Community

Have you ever felt really motivated to start something but when you thought about everything that you’d need to do to be successful you got overwhelmed and quit before you start?

I’ve felt that way on several occasions. Usually I’m most successful when I can find someone who’s done it already and can help me layout a game plan that’s worked for them.

This gives me something to at least start with and then I can tweak the process as I go.

Several people have asked how they can get started on Periscope and skip over some of the trial and error process many of us went through when the platform first launched.

The DIY Guide to Periscope is a step-by-step resource I created to help you get started out on Periscope. While it’s free via email (see link below), people were asking follow up questions after they went through it.

Today’s episode shares a more in depth look at the 9 steps to starting strong on Periscope.  Read more

Is Being Yourself on Periscope Possible? Chris & Natalie Hernandez Share Why It’s Possible & Necessary + Hear All The Details of Their Goofy Movie Trivia Show

Periscope is an excellent platform to establish your expertise, show people who your true self is, and build a community around your voice, cause, and passion.

But how do you go beyond just creating content that keeps people’s attention and actually gets them involved with what you’re doing on Periscope?

Chris & Natalie Hernandez share how their passion for film, both watching and creating, inspired their creation of a weekly movie trivia game show. Read more

Are Quantum Leaps Possible? Anita Wing Lee’s Story from 0 to 7000+ followers on Periscope, Global Mediation Scope, & A Whole New Life

Twelve months, when we look at the bigger picture of our lives, doesn’t seem like a long period of time. In 2015, Anita Wing Lee took time to refocus her efforts, work, and purpose in life to find out what really fulfilled her in life.

The end product might not be what you expect.

Her exploration into meditation helped her so much that she just had to share it with people, and she did it on Periscope.

Hear how her daily show, Global Mediation Scope, is transforming her work and purpose in life while helping her connect with like minded people all over the world. Read more

How Jason Stewart Used His Video Editing Skills & New Friendships on Periscope to Create The Editor TV

Do you have someone who just gets you? 

A person who understands your personality, accepts your flaws, and sees and believes in the same things your passionate about?

In this week’s episode, Jason Stewart (@EditorManCaves) shares how he connected with a couple of other guys who were using Periscope in unique and creative ways.

He loved what they were doing so much that he reached out to them to begin collaborating on projects together.

The result from their relationships and work together…

….a new channel on Periscope known as @TheEditorTV Read more

Do You Believe in Magic? Why Jon Jacques Quit His Job To Pursue Periscope Full Time and How It’s Helping Him Transform People’s Lives

At some point, whether in person or on TV, you’ve had the opportunity to see a magician do something truly mystifying. They perform a magic trick so amazing it leaves you sitting in your chair mulling over the infinite different ways they pulled off the feat.

But what would magic look like on Periscope? Live, uncut, and often with complete strangers could a magician capture their audience the same way they do on stage?

While Jon Jacques has been a magician for almost his entire life, there’s nothing supernatural about his success on Periscope. He took what he was already doing well and tweaked it to excel on Periscope.

But could it go so well that he’d feel okay quitting his day job to pursue magic on Periscope full time?

Tune into this episode to hear just how Jon Jacques went from a video marketing expert to the magician on Periscope. Read more

Entrepreneur on a Journey: Derek Cowan Leaves His World Behind for a Quest to Help Organizations Do Good in 50 Countries

What would you do if you had to leave everything you knew and venture out into the world for a journey to visit 50 countries helping people do good in each one?

Would you be excited or terrified?

Derek Cowan is this week’s guest and he shares his story of going from a successful entrepreneur to the rock bottom low of suicide and how he came out of it with the new vision to transform people’s lives all over the world. Read more

State of the Podcast: Recap of the First 20 Episodes and How You Can Contribute Going Forward

The State of the Podcast is a special episode where we take a break from the usual format and recap what’s happened over the first 20 episodes of the podcast. I think it’s healthy and worthwhile to critically look at the highlights and obstacles of these first 20 episodes.

Plus we’ll explore how you can get involved in the podcast going forward.

Don’t forget to take advantage of my free 30 minute Social Media Audit. Send me a text at 773-BILELLO to schedule yours. Read more

Overcoming Addiction: Kristian Cotta Shares Why Zero Moderation Is Needed on Periscope

Stories are powerful, but only if they’re shared. The victories and stumbling blocks are a part of them and when they are shared people are drawn to them and rally around them.

Kristian Cotta (along with several others) are starting a rally cry around addiction, specifically life after breaking free from it.

Zero Moderation is a new project that highlights the stories from some of our favorite broadcasters on Periscope and how they battled through addiction. This is one episode you will want to sit down and listen to undistracted. Read more

Love & Light: How Periscope Helped Kevin Madison Turn His Philosophy Into A National Tour

Do you ever wonder if or how you’ll share some of the things you ponder most in life? Perhaps there is a subject or topic that catches your attention and you find joy and energy just from pondering all the little intricacies of it. Either way, in the middle of it. you think what it would be like to share these musing with others.

Kevin Madison is walking this path right now. Known for his expertise and success as a marketing consultant, Kevin has been immersing himself in philosophy for years. It’s something that has brought energy and meaning to his life. It wasn’t, however, what he thought he’d be sharing on Periscope.

Listen to this episode to hear Kevin’s story of how his philosophy transformed into a national tour once he started sharing it on Periscope. Read more

The Power of Video: How Danielle Ford Went From A Single Mom to Video Marketing Strategist & Founder of The Young Moms Club

Let’s face it, while Periscope is the newest kid on the block, social media platforms have been integrating video into their existing ecosystem for quite some time. The biggest of the bunch is YouTube and now Facebook is doing all it can to make video a staple of it’s platform.

So where does Periscope fit in? It’s a decade behind these other platforms and has only a fraction of the number of users.

This week’s guest is Danielle Ford, a video marketing strategist, who before Periscope was regularly using YouTube. She shares her insights into the role Periscope plays in her business and why she absolutely loves the platform. Read more