Is your business growing? Are you ready to reach more customers and grow your community?

Do you want to outsource the social media and content marketing for your business so you can do more of what you love (and more of what brings in $$$)? If the answer is yes, then all you need is someone you can trust and someone who has the excitement to do it well.

Luckily, you’re already in the right place.

Below you will see a collection of individual services (a la carte) that available for your business. Following these services you will see a few examples of packaged services.

Once you have looked them over, click here so I can email you my availability so you can find a time (15 minutes) to ask me any additional questions you have. My goal is to make sure you get the help you need (even if that means I can’t help you) and I’ve found a quick phone call is the most efficient way to do so.


  • Appraisal & Assessment
  • Strategy Creation
  • Community Monitoring


  • Content Calendar
  • Writing
  • Proofing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Setup & Training
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation


  • Design/Redesign
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Landing Pages



Essential Support

If your business is just getting started or you’re working solo, this is a great place to start. Let’s create the social media strategy that will support all the great work your business is doing and I’ll make sure it all looks flawless when I post it to your essential social media profiles.

No more worrying about what to post. You can focus on being social and engaging with people. You also will free up time so you can get back to doing what you do best.  Here’s a sample of what’s included

  • Social Media Appraisal – A detailed write up of the foundation you’ve created with social media and how you can successfully build on it moving forward
  • Social Media Game Plan – Create social media strategy and calendar with you so you can confidently use social media (max. 2 social media profiles | one, 120 minute session with you to create the strategy and calendar)
  • Social Check-in – One weekly 15 minute meeting (via phone or Skype) as needed by you, to discuss content creation, goals, and direction for upcoming week
  • BONUS – Setup of a scheduling tool of your choice (e.g. Buffer or Hootsuite)

Requires at least a 6 month commitment

Custom Catering

Includes all of the elements in Social Media Essentials as well as the following;

  • Social Media Execution – My team will execute the social media strategy and calendar created in the Social Media Game Plan, you follow up with comments and questions left by your community
  • Visual Marketing Design – Creation of designs and images to compliment content created within the social media strategy
  • Event Coverage – Full coverage of your event or fundraiser so that you can capture it as it happens as well as capturing the highlights so you can share it later
  • BONUS – Create or update your business profile on Google to ensure you have accurate information so new customers can find you

Requires at least a 12 month commitment


Includes all of the elements in Custom Catering as well as the following;

  • Social Media Follow-up – In addition to executing your social media strategy we will also follow up, respond and communicate with your customers and followers who interact with your social media content.
  • Article Creation – To better support your social media strategy, we will create one article a month to highlight the services or products your business provides.
  • Email Marketing – Setup email marketing service (e.g. Mailchimp) and create one opt-in resource so you can begin generating leads from your website
  • BONUS – Social share plugin installation – make it super easy for website visitors to share your pages and articles to their social media networks.

Requires at least a 12 month commitment

Questions? Schedule 15 minutes (at your convenience) to chat with me.