Why You Need to Start Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Let’s face it. You’re overwhelmed, fed up, and just plain sick of your social media routine. Not only do you want to create better social media posts, you want to be better at social media overall. You don’t, however, have a clue how to do that. You know it’s supposed to be fun, relational, and focused on making better connections with people.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening.

So what do you do?

Do you throw in the towel? Do you nix it from the budget, cut it out of your (or your staff’s) job responsibilities?

To make sure I’m understanding you and the current state of your social, let me highlight some of the pain points you have;

  • It takes too too much time to create posts for social media
  • You can’t see results or ROI from your time and efforts
  • You’re uncertain what to share on social media
  • You don’t know when to share it on social media
  • You don’t know what social media network to share it on
  • Few, if any, people respond to what you share on social media

All of this makes you absolutely dread spending time on social media which reminds you that using social media isn’t something you’re passionate about nor is it energizing for you.

It makes perfect sense why you want to give social media a swift kick in the pants. I’d completely understand if you shutdown and deactivated your social media accounts.

No sane person can continue to invest in social media if they’re feeling just a few of the points above, let alone all of them.

Don’t Lose Hope

But what if I could offer you a solution?

Not a wave of my wand, rub the magic lamp, wish upon a star solution…

…but a real, tangible solution you could begin implementing today to not only eliminate some of the frustrations listed earlier, but also begin,

  • Minimizing the time you spend creating posts
  • Getting more content and posts created for all your social channels in less time
  • Measuring and monitoring what posts are getting the best response
  • Being social! Respond, engage, and have conversation revolving around what you shared

Are you ready to learn more about the solution?

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite tools for my business, Buffer.

Buffer, is a tool that streamlines and simplifies your social media calendar and posting routine. In a nutshell, it empowers you to sit down and in one session plan, schedule, and post all your social media content.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what Buffer can do. To get started you can sign up for their free Individual Plan. I’ll also be highlighting a few of the features in their Awesome Plan (which I use). Unless it’s specifically noted as an Awesome Plan feature, everything included below is available on the Individual Plan (free).

Multiple Social Media Networks

As you can see below, Buffer integrates with almost every major social media network out there. Plus there are multiple ways to connect to each network (e.g. Facebook Pages and Groups).

connect buffer to linkedin, twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, and google plus

On the Individual Plan you can add one account from each network. The Awesome Plan lets you add up to 10 accounts on whatever networks you choose. This is helpful if you have a Facebook Page and profile or more than one Twitter account.

Scheduling Your Posts

The big plus of using Buffer is the schedule. You should take a look at any currently available metrics and create a schedule that will get your posts the most interaction possible. You can create a unique schedule for each social profile you have in Buffer. On the Individual Plan you are limited on customizable your schedule can be.

On the Awesome Plan you can add specific times on specific days to create a truly customized schedule.

Read more from Buffer on the differences between the Individual and Awesome Plans.

create a custom schedule on buffer for your social media posts

Adding Posts to Buffer

Once your schedule is created you can begin adding posts. Simply type (or copy and paste), add link or photo, and choose which profiles you want to post to. When you’re finished click on the blue “Add to Queue” button.

You will see a dropdown menu on the right side of the “Add to Queue” button. This gives you three more options;

buffer has option to schedule a post at a specific time, move it to the top of your queue or post it immediately

Share Now

Share Now means Buffer will post to your social profile immediately just as if you were creating it on the actual social media network.

Share Next

Share Next means Buffer will move this post to the top of the list, posting it at the next time in your schedule.

Schedule Post

Schedule Post means if you want to create a one-time custom time to schedule this post you can do so.

How many posts can you add to your Individual Plan? The answer is 10 posts per social profile. This may be more than enough for some of you. Others, especially if you’re looking to create and schedule social media posts well in advance, may find this too few. The Awesome Plan gives you up to 100 posts per social profile.

buffer queue allows 10 posts on the individual plan, 100 on the awesome plan

Analytics and Reporting

Once you begin using Buffer to add content, you should definitely come back and take a look at the Analytics section. You want to see how things are going, don’t you?

In addition to seeing how each individual post did (clicks, shares, RT, etc) but you can also “Re-Buffer” a post. This simply means you can add it back to your schedule so it can go out again.

Wait Ryan, is that ok? Won’t people find it weird that I keep sharing the same thing?
Well, let me ask you something, do advertisers on TV push a new commercial to you every single time? Heck no, that would be expensive. They have a message, and usually to get people to act, they have to repeat it multiple times.

The same goes for social media. Unless you’re posting the same thing every two hours for 10 days straight, people are not going to mind if they see the same post at 10:00 AM on Tuesday as they do on Friday afternoon.

Remember, the key to using Buffer is to schedule the posts you want to go out so you can spend more time being social. The more you interact and have conversations with your community the less they’ll even think about why you’re posting the same thing more than once.

buffer analytics and re-buffer option for posts

Extras, Extensions, and Pablo

There are additional tools you can use alongside Buffer to get even more out of it.

Extra Apps: There are a whole bunch of third party tools that you can integrate with Buffer. My favorite is Tweriod which finds out the best times for me to tweet and updates my Buffer schedule to it.
Chrome Extension: Add the Buffer extension and make it super simple to add articles and websites you visit right into your queue.
Pablo: It’s a fact that posts get way more attention and response when they’re visually appealing. Buffer created Pablo as a quick and easy way to add images to any of your posts. And the best part, it’s completely free.

Next Steps

If you’re thinking, this sounds great, but don’t know the next steps, I want to invite you to a free live event on October 18th. We’ll go deeper on the freedom you can experience from scheduling your social media posts.
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