The World of Periscope Isn’t A Big Deal

PERISCOPE isn't a big deal

People are questioning the validity and longevity of Periscope. Thoughts of whether it will be around in another couple of years or will be able to continue it’s rapid growth are keeping people skeptical.

As far as video goes, it’s here to stay, especially on social media platforms. YouTube and Facebook are in a heated competition to be the place for video consumption, especially amongst young adults and teenagers.

So what does that mean for you and Periscope? With the ability to be live on a mobile device it offers things that video on the other two platforms cannot. Things like real time interaction with an audience along with authenticity are just a few of them.

For those of us who use Periscope (broadcasters and viewers alike) we must be careful not to act as if what’s happening in the world of Periscope is the biggest thing going on in the world.

Are We Really Breaking News?

App updates, new features, and analytics are all great things for us who are making Periscope part of our daily lives but they do not make the world go round. We need to make sure that we’re making the barriers to using Periscope small, minimal, and infrequent. We love the platform it provides, the community that’s growing, and relationships we’re building.

If we act, however, as if everything that happens on Periscope is breaking news, then we belittle the platform and ourselves to the world outside of it.

[Tweet “If we act as if everything that happens on Periscope is breaking news, then we belittle the platform and ourselves.”]

One of the reasons I love Periscope so much is that it gives me a behind-the-scenes view into people’s world and perspective. I don’t use Periscope because so someone can tell me that hearts are now bats because it’s Halloween. I use Periscope because I want to see the world (literally) through the eyes of Euro Maestro or Colin Dyer‘s amazing drawings.

Let me do us all a big favor and say this now…

Our world wouldn’t end if Periscope disappeared.


Be authentic and genuine in your scopes. Share your world on Periscope. Don’t make Periscope your world.

What do you think? Do you think people using Periscope can forget about what else is going on in the world?

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  1. MJ Klein
    MJ Klein says:

    I agree that there are way too many ppl using Periscope to try to “scoop”other broadcasters with these “breaking news”scopes about some company announcement. So far, I’ve seen very little actual breaking news on Periscope. I’m afraid that the resultant use of Periscope has fallen far short of the lofty goals of the creators. Additionally, just broadcasting on Periscope doesn’t make one an expert on a topic. Seen too many scopes about stuff where the broadcaster isn’t specifically qualified to talk about the subject, such as Periscope security, or (my personal favorite example) a hippie backpacker telling me how to grow my business. The situation reminds me of the dotcom boom where having a website meant “you must be important.” Viewers often assume broadcasters must be experts, or at least important just because they are using live video streaming. Never forget that a Periscope account requires absolutely no discipline to acquire, unlike a television network talk show.

    • Ryan Bilello
      Ryan Bilello says:

      MJ, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, we must be careful to assess who’s deemed an expert and who’s just taking advantage of having an audience. It’s one of the things I’m working on right now, to create a space where people can truly know they are learning and acting on the tips from an expert.

  2. Doug Cohen
    Doug Cohen says:

    I think it’s a worthy topic Ryan. We definitely get sucked into the Periscope vortex often because we really love it, but I think the thing that keeps us grounded is our business, and the fact that we had Frameable Faces Photography before Periscope. Frameable Faces is our world (along with our family obviously) and it has to continue to be. We would still have Frameable Faces if Periscope disappeared and we would find different ways to share our vision and build our community just like we’ve always done. I think the people who discovered Periscope as “their thing” in and of itself are at risk for losing themselves in it and losing their perspective IF they aren’t careful. We’ve already seen a tale or two of people who really had nothing going before Periscope, saw this as an opportunity to assert themselves putting all of their eggs in the live streaming basket without much substance, and they’ve already been exposed and completely flamed out.

  3. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    I agree people are using it the wrong way to get hearts which is so lame! If your on it for hearts why bother ? It’s about connections and relationships

    • Ryan Bilello
      Ryan Bilello says:

      Danielle, I agree that it’s a great way to build relationships. While hearts can be an indicator that a person is active on Periscope, it doesn’t always show that their intent or content is worthwhile.

  4. Angie Croix
    Angie Croix says:

    OK, it’s TIME for someone to speak up Literally for the MILLIONS that are Housebound or Bedridden who are already speaking up and have stated that Periscope is a Life Saver for them. for many it is their ONLY contact with the outside world and it’s saving their sanity literally. People in this group I have found to be the most REAL and compassionate. They have raised over $10K for a girl that needs a heart transplant and are helping another lady that sings beautifully but has been bedridden for 4+ years since a bad car accident without any medical insurance. It seems to me that the Fortunate “don’t appreciate things as much as those that have lost a LOT.”
    For them, Periscope HAS Changed their isolated world and IS Uniting them.

    • Ryan Bilello
      Ryan Bilello says:

      Angie, thank you for sharing this! I agree, the communities that have formed from Periscope have been timely and beneficial for a lot of people. These stories of communities rallying around a cause is what truly is “breaking news”.


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