Want to make $1,000? Start using Facebook for business

If you’ve ever wondered, how can businesses make money on Facebook? Well first off you need to start using Facebook for business, but you need to have a concrete strategy to execute. See just how we generated $1,000 for a client in just a couple hours of work, all on Facebook.

In today’s age there really is something for everyone on the Internet. Just head over to Google and you can find anything (like a woman smashing her face on different types of bread).

The bad part about this – saturation. There’s a lot of junk to weed through to find what you actually need.

The good part – opportunity. There is a place for every type of business to not just exist, but THRIVE.

Especially with social media.

Your business, regardless of size, can find it’s spot to succeed with social media.

Even brick and mortar businesses.
Even if you’re Generation X.
Despite the fact you don’t think you have a “sexy” product or service to sell.

Want proof? Alright, let’s take a look.

$1,000 Sales with Facebook

A client, who owns a single retail location, wanted to run a special sale over the weekend and wanted to use Facebook to promote the special to their customers and fans.

Disclaimer: Outside of a few newspaper inserts social media is their primary marketing tool.

We ran one paid ad (for a grand total of $25.00) that ran for a total of 5 days. We targeted an audience that is within close proximity (less than 15 miles) of the location of their business.

In addition to the ad we also schedule 5 individual posts to be posted each day leading up and through the weekend special.

Finally, we sent an email to those (at the time it was just 60 people) who had requested email updates when they visited the store.

That’s it. When it was all said and done, it took my client and me no more than 90 minutes to write the email, create the content, and take a handful of photos.

The results? Here’s what my client text me right after the sale ended.

text message about $1,000 sale

Let’s just say I think this client understands that social media is powerful if used correctly.

Is it a time suck? You betcha.

Is it a distraction? No doubt.

Are there leads and potential customers who are ready to buy now? Definitely.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you give it a try for yourself? All you need is a couple of hours to set it up.

In fact, I’ll even share all the specifics with you. Tap the red button below and you’ll receive,

  • The copy you can use for your 5 Facebook posts
  • The best times to schedule your post
  • and the strategy behind the paid Facebook ad

Make $1,000 with Facebook

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